2018-01-01 Changelog

January 1, 2018

From 2017 and up

  • Gained rudimentary proficiency in python, bash scripting, powershell scripting, SASS.
  • Started learning a statically typed programming language.
  • Had my first open-source pull request accepted
  • Finished Agamben’s The Open
  • Started on too many books.
  • Built a content-driven website and was paid for it.
  • Learned an authoring tool.
  • Gained rudimentary proficiency in managing Docker containers.
  • Learned many things about editorship and management.
  • Bought a powerhouse PC. Played video games.
  • Resolved to never buy another Windows PC again.
  • Learned how server routing works.
  • Learned more about computer networks, but still have no idea how they work.
  • Started controlling my diet.
  • Have better control of my finances.
  • Bought way too many books, way too many online courses.
  • Improved writing.
  • Learned to be more secure about my writing.
  • Learned to justify security on my writing.
  • Marginally improved grasp of diplomacy.
  • Improved grasp on how to pick my battles.
  • Improved grasp on making valid points.
  • Improved grasp on invoking reality-checks.
  • Improved grasp on losing.
  • Marginally improved grasp on acceptance.
  • Gained rudimentary understanding of patterns, algorithms.
  • Improved grasp on the what of my own tendencies.
  • Improved grasp on the why.
  • Improved grasp of what is valuable to me and what is not.
  • Gained rudimentary proficiency at not breaking things.
  • Improved proficiency at breaking things.

Another year. An older, slower, blunter instrument.