== zed tan ==

Zed Tan

He’s happiest when building content systems and the teams that manage them.

You can reach him at zed@shootbird.work


Published Work

Technical Content for the Temasys.io Blog

Blockchain with Go guides for Consensys/Kauri (github repo):

Ground Labs Documentation

MessageBird Developer Guides (samples):


Senior Technical Writer at EclecticIQ

Technical Writer at AI Singapore

  • Worked on web site information architecture for Makerspace
  • Worked on technical documentation for AI Speech Lab.
  • Worked on internal knowledge and information sharing system for AI Singapore’s engineering team. Built a semi-automated pipeline that would publish project documentation hosted on GitLab repositories to a URL on the intranet.

Contract Technical Writer at Temasys Communications

  • Wrote technical content for blogs and marketing material.
  • Worked closely with development team to communicate releases, technical developments, and product updates.
  • Helped make case and set the groundwork for dedicated technical documentation efforts.
  • Worked closely with development team to document a pre-alpha product, which involved digging into C++ source.

Ground Labs Documentation

  • Lead technical writer. Responsible for keeping documentation site up to date and identifying informational gaps.
  • Established beach-head for documentation.
  • Embedded in engineering team.
  • Site migration from Confluence to MadCap Flare.

Documentation sets:

  • Enterprise Recon Documentation(pdf)
  • Card Recon Documentation(pdf)
  • Data Recon Documentation(pdf)

EU GDPR-related Research Project

  • Project management.
  • Managed 20 freelancers gathering research from 28 EU countries.
  • Cataloged and documented research for developer use.


Technical Writer (Tech lead) at EclecticIQ (Feb 2020 – present)

Technical Writer at AI Singapore (October 2019 – Feb 2020)

Technical Content Writer (Contract) at Temasys Communications (Feb – May 2019)

Technical Writer at Ground Labs (Feb 2016 – Jul 2018)

Adjunct Instructor at

  • Singapore Polytechnic, Theory of Design (Apr 2014 – Feb 2016)
  • NTU WKWSCI1, Introduction to Film Studies (Aug 2013 – Dec 2013)
  • NTU WKWSCI, Web Design and Technologies (Jan 2015 – Dec 2015)


“What Time Got Wrong About The Last of Us”, Kill Screen, published 8 Oct 2014, available: https://killscreen.com/articles/what-time-got-wrong-about-last-us/

Guest Lecture, The Documentary Genre and Game Narratives (presentation workbook), 18 Oct 2016.

  1. Nanyang Technological University Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information ↩︎