PSA — 1984 Available on the Internet Archive

February 11, 2017


(via Smashing Magazine)

The Internet Archive has put up the Austrian edition of 1984, both in pdf and in audio book form. The copyright for this edition of the book has apparently expired in, well, Austria. NB: obligatory copyright warning – download and share at your own discretion. Here are the links to the files on the Internet Archive:

George Orwell’s woke novel is an everyman’s introduction to one of the potential outcomes – reductio ad absurdum – of a “bad emperor” having come to power in a highly connected world.

It’s less illuminative than instructive: it’s a primer on why you should care about data privacy, and the importance of paying attention to how you appear on the grid.

NB: Donate to the Internet Archive to support them – especially since they’ve helped save federal climate change data from the current US administration.

NBB: While you’re at it, visit DataRefuge